The Tolerance Caravan - Ages 12-14

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What is it?

The Tolerance Caravan ages 12-14 is a unique awareness activity focused on the issue of bullying at school. By creating a space where grade 7 and 8 students can speak openly, the workshop aims to equip and mobilize them to take a stand against bullying in their school.

The workshop’s goal is to show the extent to which bullying affects all of us and that each of us has the power to intervene.

Our two experienced facilitators lead students in an interactive discussion on the phenomenon of bullying, its causes and its consequences. Using short videos and games, young people explore viable solutions that they can use themselves to stop bullying in their school.

Rather than using a traditional approach focused on the victim and the bully, our workshop concentrates on the key role of witnesses and what they can do to curb bullying. Our goal is to turn around defeatist attitudes held by students by showing them that even a small act can make a big difference when it comes to bullying.

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The workshop lasts a whole period (i.e. 50 to 75 minutes).

The Tolerance Caravan team can host up to 16 groups per week.


After our visit, we find that …

  • Students question their own stereotypes and prejudices with a much more critical eye
  • Students show greater empathy and are better able to assert themselves in a peaceful way
  • The percentage of students who resolve to counteract bullying in their milieu increases to 70%
  • The percentage of students who feel better informed and equipped to challenge harassment, either as victims or witnesses, reaches 75%