The Tolerance Caravan - Ages 15-17

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What is it?

The Tolerance Caravan ages 15-17 is an interactive workshop that encourages grade 9, 10, 11 and CEGEP students to develop critical thinking on various forms of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, as well as their consequences.

Two trained facilitators use the students’ viewpoints and realities as a basis to form a space for dialogue where young people can explore and deconstruct common prejudices and their sources.

The discussion moves on to examine how preconceived notions sometimes translate into acts of discrimination and how, in turn, the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms can help us ensure that our rights are respected.

When discrimination and prejudice take root in society, what are the consequences? Facilitators use videos and concrete examples to look at specific, serious
human rights violations that occur here and elsewhere: apartheid, imprisonment of ethnic groups, segregation, genocides.

The workshop wraps up with a discussion on each person’s role in maintaining harmonious social relations and ways to promote respect and inclusion within their schools.

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The workshop comes with illustrated panels that form a backdrop, setting the scene in which the facilitators host each group or class.

The workshop lasts a whole period (i.e., 50 to 75 minutes).

The Tolerance Caravan team can host up to 16 groups per week.


After our visit, we find that …

  • Students question their own stereotypes and prejudices with a more critical eye
  • Students gain a better understanding of the inherent dangers of all forms of discrimination
  • Students acknowledge the ways in which cultural, religious and political diversity are beneficial to society