WORKSHOPS - Homophobia (Ages 15-17)

Atelier -2-homophobie


The Caravan on Sexual Diversity , Homophobia and LGBTQ+ rights is an interactive workshop that encourages studentsaged15to17tocritically reflect on heterosexism and homophobia, their causes, effects and expressions. The goal is to create a more open and inclusive school environment.

After defining certain key concepts associated with sexual diversity (heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, pansexuality, trans, queer), the facilitators first broach the issue of heterosexism through an activity that focuses on the unfairness of heterosexual privileges.

The facilitators then define homophobia and encourage the students to challenge the myths, stereotypes and prejudices associated with sexual minorities and to become aware of homophobic expressions in terms of attitudes and behaviour: insults, uneasiness, rejection, discrimination, etc. Various solutions are also proposed to promote the creation of a school open to and accepting of sexual diversity.

Finally, the last part of the workshop provides an overview of homophobic discriminations and of the LGBT movement to advance rights, from the 1950s to date, through a game “in which you are the hero”.


The workshop is supplemented by giant, illustrated panels that set the scene in which the facilitators host each group. The workshop lasts a whole period (i.e., 50 to 75 minutes). The team can host up to 15 groups per week.


After our involvement, we note the following among students:

  • A greater ability to question their own stereotypes and prejudices with a more critical eye;
  • A better understanding of the inherent dangers of all forms of discrimination;
  • An acknowledgement of the ways in which cultural, religious and political diversity are beneficial to society.

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