Philosophy whereby anything that cannot be grasped through experience (i.e. that which is metaphysical, divine, absolute) is unknowable and therefore inaccessible to the human mind. For agnostics, it is unnecessary to practise a religion because it is impossible to determine the existence of God.

Allochthonous, allophone: “Allochthonous” literally means “coming from a different place.” This term is used more frequently to refer to people born abroad (as opposed to natives, i.e.: persons born in the territory). By extension, it refers to Quebecers whose mother tongue is neither French nor English (allophones).


Discrimination and prejudice against Jews, the Israelites. The Jews are a Semitic people. This expression is now being challenged, for the Arabs (Muslims) are also a Semitic people. Thus, we may use alternative expressions, such as anti-Jewish, or anti-Zionist (anti-Zionism), which specifically means “opposed to the political policies of Israel”.


An Afrikaans word (Dutch dialect of South Africa) literally meaning, "separate, apart." An institutionalized expression of the racist ideology of the Afrikaans regime, which prevailed until 1990, apartheid advocated the segregation and "separate development" of different "races": Whites, Blacks, Indians, and mixed race.


Attitude or doctrine of atheists, who reject the existence of God or any other deity.