Grand Rassemblement Empreintes video

Grand Rassemblement Empreintes highlights the exceptional work
of the students involved in the Imprint committees

On May 16th at Espace Lafontaine, ENSEMBLE held its gathering, where 120 students involved in Imprint projects outlined the progress of their actions to combat bullying and discrimination in their school environments. These students, from 12 schools and four different educational backgrounds (First Nations, Anglophone, Francophone and multi-ethnic), played an active role in ENSEMBLE’s Imprint projects. They set up committees with the goal of promoting “living together”, and respect for diversity in all its forms.

Throughout the school year, guided by an ENSEMBLE professional, they raised awareness among the students in their schools by implementing imaginative and innovative actions: films, photo booths, selling bracelets and t-shirts with catchy slogans, wall murals, a human library, etc.

The Grand Rassemblement Empreintes gave the committee members the opportunity to measure their experience, present the projects they implemented during the year and, perhaps most importantly, socialize and celebrate a year of engagement.

Congrats to all participants! You are very inspiring!